Thursday, August 4, 2011


So my daughter likes to monitor/keep track of my weigh-ins.  Pretty cute!  So this morning, she was like "yay mommy you lost two pounds!!!! only 93 more to go". I'm thinking thanks Mya way to rub it in but she said it so innocently and encouragingly - it was kind of adorable!! LOL kinda had to be there but gotta love the honesty of kids ;)


  1. One of my special education students asked me, "Teacha? You gunna has a baby?" I said "No, no baby." "Oh. Just big." LOL My teacher's aide was sitting right there at the table (a 22 year old frat boy) and his eyes got big and I could tell he was trying not to laugh. All that he said was, "Wow. Harsh!" I told him, "We shall never speak of this again." Just add that to all of the other times that my weight has caused embarrassment - well, no more! Thanks to SAL! (can't remember if I told you I named the band SAL for Saving Amy's Life).