Friday, December 28, 2012

Ready Set Go! Here comes 2013!

I really hate making resolutions because I never keep them.  I have so much I need to work on in 2013.  On the weight loss front, I have maintained the same weight (give or take 5lbs) for the entire year.  Not cool.  I did make a list of some things that I hope to start and carry through all of 2013.

*Log all food – I got a day planner to carry around.  I have tried my fitness pal but I prefer good old hand written notes!
*Post a weekly weigh-in on my Blog!  This also includes getting better about blogging in general.
*I always have a ticker on my blog for minutes of exercise but rarely make my goal.  I am going to aim for a minimum of 1000 minutes per month.  That is really only 17 hours of exercise a month.  I have to be able to do that!!

Small steps!!

I have an appointment with another band Dr. on the 8th.  I am done with True Results.  I am hoping the consult goes well and that everything works out insurance wise!

Have a safe and Happy NEW YEAR!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I need to commit to this journey.......

But I can't seem to make that happen!

I signed up for Z's Holiday Challenge and I would really really really like to be to onederland but the end of this one - 2/13/13.  I just can't get my shit together.... I need to work out.... I have to work out.....  I cannot drag myself to the gym!!  I am so tired at the end of the day I just have zero energy! I need to eat better but I cannot keep the junk out of my mouth.

If I have more than one area of stress I cannot seem to do anything........  Holidays - bah humbug!

Todays weigh-in 221.2