Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Have a safe trip, NSV, and where did I leave the magic wand

All you lovely ladies that are headed to Chicago - be safe, have a GREAT time, take PICTURES!!!!! :) :)

NSV - I am wearing size 18 pants today - WOOT!!! granted they are a larger 18....

Can someone please tell me where I left the magic wand that will clean the house, do my homework, help Mya with her homework, get my workout in, and grow a money tree in the back yard so that I don't have to work anymore????  I misplaced it.....


  1. Yayness for being in size 18!!! whoop whoop!!! haha as for your magic still trying to find mine as well...blehhhh :)

  2. Congrats on the NSV!! Looking for that magic wand as well!!

  3. I'll be over soon to help pick the money off the tree... :)

  4. Size 18?? How fantastic is THAT!! Love it!! And if you find that wand, let me know where it is - I've been looking for it for years!

  5. I was gonna say the same thing as Lisa. E-mail us both if you find it! lol

    And yay on the 18's! That's an awesome NSV! No more size 20+'s ever again. :)