Monday, September 19, 2011


BIG thanks to Brenda and Amy for the awards!!! Love it! <3 I will give mine out soon!!!!

Weekend update – We spent the weekend in Flagstaff because Mya had her first soccer tournament. It was a fun weekend – except for the fact that they lost all their games. They are a new team and just started playing together so I am sure it will take some time! The weather was amazing – 74 degrees during the day! So nice to escape the Phoenix heat for a weekend!!! Here are some pics…..

I will just let you know in advance that I will probably experience my first gain this week….. It was a bad eating weekend. Honestly the first I have had since surgery. I ate virtually nothing healthy – I avoided carbs but ate burgers, Mexican food, pizza and who knows what else. Nothing in huge portions but I did have those foods you know you shouldn’t!!!! It was hard being with a bunch of people with kids… Food choices were not great (excuses, excuses). So I have confessed and am back on track……

Exercise need to get moved up on my priority list! I haven’t really done anything besides a day of C25K! I want to run and ummmmm I have to actually build up to that - SO I definitely need to light a fire under my own butt!! I have passed the weight is going to come off on its own stage. I mean I walk but I need to WORK OUT!!!!
Have a great week!!!!


  1. Hey there! New follower! Hope you can bounce back from your weekend!!

    From A Banded Army Wife

  2. Your weekend doesn't sound too bad, keep your chin up! :)

  3. It sounds like you had a great time with the soccer! How fun, I love Adams soccer games.

    I am sure you will do just fine after your weekend, remember the band is not so we can never partake of some of the not so healthy things, just in moderation.

    Hang in there!

  4. Lucky you, escaping up to Flagstaff I am jealous! Great pictures! Don't beat yourself up about the food choices, its exactly what Kristin said.

  5. What beautiful photos!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Great pics! I need a trip up sick of this heat! I had a worse weekend but getting back on track. We can do it!