Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Weigh-In of 2012

Weight: 222.4 lbs - no loss, no gain so I have to say I am ok with that considering my unhealthy choices over the past couple of weeks.  I have to say that I am glad to have the holidays over so that I can get back to a normal routine again.

Goals, goals.....  I am so hesitant to set any because so far I have not been able to accomplish them.

*I would like to get a minimum 360 minutes of exercise in this month.
*I would like to get to at least total loss of 50 lbs this month (at minimum 5.4 lbs). 

Hoping to start the New Year right :)


  1. Here is to hoping that your goals will be accomplished! Great job on no weight gain that is huge over the holidays!!!

  2. sounds good! the holiday were difficult, but thankfully no more "big" ones for a while! whew :)

  3. No gain is great! I was in Goodyear visiting friends on Saturday. Hope you had a great new year!

  4. Thanks for the comment and following me. I'm following you now too. :)