Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best NSV Ever and Bullets

I got a hug from my most favorite kiddo ever, my daughter and she said "mommy, I can hug you so much better now, my arms go all the way around you".  I must admit, I teared up!!!  :)

*Thanksgiving was good - I managed to eat okay and in limited portions.  However, the temptation was brutal.

*Emotional eating is becoming a problem.  I think I need to see a counselor. I have been really stressed with work, school, the holidays and ALL I want to do is eat.   I tend to get mad when I know I can't eat anymore....  Sad I know.

*I am getting a fill on Thursday and I am hoping this will curb some of the actual hunger.

* I NEED TO EXERCISE - I have been putting off joining the gym because I don't want to spend the money but I think I need to join so I can go to a place focused on exercise without any distractions.... If that makes any sense!

*In general, I am crabby and need to get out of this funk!

Have a great day all! :)


  1. That is a great NSV!

    Hope you can get out of that funk soon - they're no fun! :(

  2. Aaaawwww..and you know it's true 'cause kiddos are brutally honest!

    I feel ya on the funk. I hope you can pull yourself out of it soon.

  3. What a sweet NSV. As the weight goes down it seems the emotional side of our brains starts to revolt. We used to feed them and they don't like it anymore. It has been one of my hardest realities--finding another way to deal with all the emotions without stuffing my face. Blogging helps. You'll get there and if you need a counselor, go for it.

  4. What a wonderful reward! That has to make you feel better.

    Head hunger is something you MUST deal with, and I found counseling truly helped me.

    Good Luck with your fill!

    Here for you!

  5. Awesome NSV! Just think how you'll be around longer for her too!

  6. What a great NSV.