Thursday, September 20, 2012

TTT (or my personal rant session......)

1. Mya hurt her back at soccer.  I feel bad and hope it heels quickly!! she can't get comfortable isnt sleeping well.  Dr. says it is minor so hopefully this will be over soon!
2. Marcus (the boxer), my fur baby has a very swollen ear flap.  Upon googling, I think he has a hematoma that can be cause by excessive ear scratching flapping.....  He has bad allergies and even though he takes allergy meds, he is always itching his ears....  Poor guy!!  Also pretty sure that the cure for the swelling situation is surgery..... $$$$ :(  
3. Husbands car battery died this morning....
4. I am beyond irritated with my husband lately for numerous reasons.  Mostly because I feel that I put is way more effort in everything then he does. 
5. Been training new people at work.  This always sucks when they come in with the feeling they are more experienced than you.
6. I have been gaining and losing the same four pounds for what seems like an eternity.
7. I would like to scream and throw things but that would be a bit dramatic!
8. YUP - I said this was a rant :)
9. I am finally to the point where I think I enjoy exercise!!!
10. Have a lovely day! 


  1. You just rant all you want darlin'!!! That's what we're here for!

    Glad you're enjoying the exercising!! Keep it up and that 4lbs will finally drop off.

  2. Girl, rant all you want!! Poor Mya! I hope she feels better soon! Back pain is no fun. And my dogs do the exact same thing and their ears are always read!
    Yahoo on enjoying exercise, keep it up!

  3. Sometimes you just got to get it so rant on.

    I hope things pickup for you....I know they will.


  4. Rant against the machine! Hope things get better soon.

  5. Ugh. I hate when everything piles up like that! I think a good old fashioned temper tantrum is in order, complete with kicking and screaming. You might feel better afterwards. :)

  6. I am always wishing my hubby would do more..but alas I don't think it is ever going to happen. I hope Mya feels better soon.
    Does your dogs ears smell? If so he may have a yeast infection in them. My dog scratches his ears when he has an ear infection. Just a thought..bonus on enjoying the exercise!!!!
    Screw the scale...I hate it right now.