Friday, September 21, 2012

Perking up (I think)....

Thanks for all the encouraging words!!  :) You guys always make me feel better!!!

Now for some randomness!

I am wearing happy shoes today - sorry for some reason, the picture would not copy, just the link!

I LOVE Birchbox!  It is a monthly sample box of make-up, skin care, hair stuff, nail polish!  My Sept box came yesterday!  Love trying new stuff! It is $10.00 prezzy to myself every month.  You all should check it out :) Also, a shamless plug cause I get points if you join....  Seriously, it is wonderful though!!

I think next week, I am going to start going through my closet and varying my outfits.  I think that putting more effort in will perk me up....  I mean, I put make-up on, dress ok, etc. but I tend to stick with the normal black pants and a cardigan.  I will post pics, we shall see how it goes :)

Have a great weekend!!!

PS very jealous of all those going to Chicago - hopefully next year :) 



  1. cute shoes...I love my converse..probably wear more than I should!
    Might just have to check out birchbox!
    Hope you have a great weekend...wish you were coming to Chicago!

  2. I think it's a great idea to shake up the wardrobe! Sad you're not coming - I thought you were gonna be able to. :(

  3. Glad you are feeling better! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. :-) rival my husband in brevity. I always am amazed at you TTT's. :-D

  4. love those shoes, lady! that'll perk up any day for sure :)

  5. glad you are feeling better! I am a converse freak too. I wish you were coming to Boobs with us too :o(

  6. Tell us about the stuff that comes in Birchbox. I am curious.

  7. Hi new follower... I work at a law firm too.... Good times!

  8. *chanting* pictures... pictures..

    Where are the pictures!? ;)