Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1.Had a good loss this week!! Bout time!!
2.A fellow AZ blogger is leading the BOOBs Challenge over all!  She is kicking major azz!!!  Nice job Jen!
3.Another AZ bloggers meet-up this weekend!  I am excited!
4.I got a teatnus booster yesterday... My arm hurts like a motha!
5.I heard this on the radio yesterday.... DISTURBING
6.I wanna go home!  I am over today!
7.In case no one has noticed, I am a huge overuser of punctuations "!!!!" ":)" and so on.  Sorry if it is annoying! :) haha
8.The weekend can't come soon enough!
9.I think that is it!
10. Happy Friday Eve!


  1. I overuse exclamation points way too much as well!

    way to go on the weight loss!
    see you on Sunday!

  2. Holy speedy TTT! Um and yah - I love me some overused punctuation!

  3. I can't STAND people who overuse punctuation!!!! I would never do that!!!

  4. I'm always jealous of the meetups! I can't wait to meet my fellow BOOBS at the end of the month!


  5. great job on the loss!!! hey did I just punctuate?? I will miss seeing you all this weekend, can't make this one but hopefully the next. Have fun

  6. Great Job on the loss!!! You're making up for my gain, I think. Have a great weekend!!!

  7. I use way too many "..." and "!!" in all my posts and comments. I'm just always so darn excited about blogging! LOL. Can't wait to see you on Sunday :)

  8. I use way to many ... and !! and I think you had an awesome weight loss week too were in the top 3! Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!! see all my exclamation points!!!!

  9. HA, you probably lost what I gained! ;)

    Have fun at the meet up!

  10. I'm so jealous of all of yor fabulous meet ups!!! I over use punctuational too!!!!!!! ;)

  11. oh man...that potty chair thing...just wrong. I went over to a friend's house (she was caring for her grandmother) and the portable commode was in the living room. The LIVING ROOM. Um...really?