Friday, February 10, 2012

Weigh In

Weight: 215.2 lbs

I have finally made it to the 50 lb mark!!!!  The week was great with diet, water, and exercise!!!  Shockingly (sarcasm), I did really well!!  Common sense, Elizabeth, you CAN do this!!  

Anyway, my 50lbs lost present to myself will be a tattoo.  Going off of Sandra at Think it.Do it. Live it. I am going to put “Dream it. Do it. Live it” on the inside of my left wrist.  In reality what it should say is “protein, water, move your a**” but that probably wouldn’t be quite as attractive hahaha :).  The reason I decided on this now as opposed to when I reach my goal is because I need the constant reminder that this will never be easy but you have to do it!   I also chose my wrist because I need that constant reminder.  It was a hard decision as a mom because I always tell Mya that you should never get a tattoo that you can't cover up – but I am a huge watch person so it shouldn’t be an issue.    

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Awesome! Great job, Elizabeth!

  2. Congrats on hitting the 50 lb milestone! Can't wait to see the pictures of the tat!

  3. WOO HOO 50??!!! WOW I can't wait to be there!!!!

  4. awesome!!! 50 lbs is some nice work, lady!! :) :) :)

  5. Congrats on hitting the 50 pound mark! That is a huge accomplishment! And I love the tattoo idea!

  6. Congrats!!! I love the tat idea!
    And I freaking snorted at the “protein, water, move your a**”!!
    I need that!
    And something that says, "PUT DOWN THAT DONUT!"