Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am a bad bad blogger!  I just really haven’t had too much to say……  Not sure in how many ways that I can say I haven’t lost weight and I know exactly why!

I had a lovely lunch with my Jens ( and last Sunday.  Worst stuck episode every.  Went to puke and the stalls were full.  Had to use tissue in the corner of the bathroom!  Super classy! Haha.  But the company was wonderful!

I am at a good fill level right now provided I don’t eat anything too dry…..  see #2

I am hoping to get my port moved soon!  Pre-op in the 27th! I can’t wait – hoping the pain will be gone…  The surgeons description of the surgery pain….. “it won’t be as bad as getting the band but you will feel like you got knifed!”  Nice!

Soccer parents are worse than high school girls when it comes to drama.   I swear the gossip and shit talking is outta control!  Common we are all adults – right…..  

I hate my job!  Worse by the day! 

I signed up for the Breast Cancer 3 day here in November.  It will be a huge challenge but I am hoping for the push I need to get my a** in gear!  I am doing 12 miles a week for now until I get to 24 weeks out and then the training gets a little more intense.  

Mya turned 11 on January 30!  I cannot believe how grown up she is!!  I will do a picture post soon.

I am not sure if I blogged about this or not!  Our boxer – Marcus has cancer.  We actually found this out a while ago but since he is 10 we need to start thinking about what is coming.  He does still have a really good quality of life right now!  Anyway, before Christmas we got another boxer (Mia) she is a year old.  We got her from a friend of a friend who was giving her away.  We love her – getting used to having that boxer puppy hyperness again!  She is doing wonders for Marcus.

Oh ya and it snowed here yesterday!!!  Crazytown!!! Have a lovely day!


  1. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were having surgery for your port. Is it just to replace it or move to a different location?

    I know what you are saying about drama with school/parents. Adults can be kids sometimes.

    I'm sorry about Marcus but happy he has a new girlfriend!

    I always enjoy reading your blog.


  2. So sad to hear about Marcus! You need some good news coming your way, seem so down today!(or was this yesterday) That was some dry fish...anyone would have gotten stuck on that! Try to make it to the support group tomorrow if you can...I will be there!

  3. sorry to hear about Marcus :( glad to hear that you'll back up and running in bandland soon.