Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Doc - Total Unfill

So I went to see a new Dr. yesterday since I have been completely unhappy with my old one.....  I gotta say I was quite impressed and felt really comfortable with him.  Impressed enough that I paid the $500.00 for them to assume my care.  I spent more time with an actual surgeon yesterday then I have in the past 1.5 years with the old one. 

What I heard from the new office that I loved!
 * The surgeons do all the fills with ultrasound! Before I only saw the surgeon before surgery and an nurse practitioner always did the fills.
* I will still see the nutritionist every time I go.
* I was actually listened to.
*They do their own upper GI's... not some unaffiliated gastroenterologist
There was a lot more I was impressed by.

He did give me some possible answers and a potential care plan for all the unexplained pain that I have been having.  He thought that it was ridiculous that I have been dealing with this for a year - when the previous doc stated it was likely something I needed to live with. 

He is inclined to think that it is a port issue; however, he gave me a complete unfill just in case. I have another upper GI on 2/1 and then a follow-up on 2/5.... This will likely be followed by an exploratory laprascopy (sp) to check the outside of the stomach and a port replacement.  He thinks that the port may be too big for my short torso or that it was placed on a nerve. 

If it is not the port then we are looking at erosion or something related to the actual band. I did talk to him about a revision but there will be no further talk about that right now until we figure out what is going on.  Sigh.

At least I am getting somewhere - I hope!


  1. So glad you're getting some answers - nothing more frustrating than a doctor dismissing your concerns. It is your body!

  2. Sounds like a great new doctor!

  3. yay!!! I am glad you liked him. I think they are a great group of docs and you and I are finicky band women...I swear we have diva bands! I hope you get yours straightened out soon!

  4. I'm already more impressed with this one than you're old one. Here's hoping it's just a port issue vs erosion. :)

  5. It sounds like your new doctor is lightyears ahead of the old one. I hope this gets resolved soon!