Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - My First

1. I need to change my profile to say that I am 31 instead of 30... I don't want to.....
2. Mya is at a sleep over. I miss her. The old she gets the less she misses mommy :(
3. Meeting some az bandsters in person in a few weeks - quite exciting.
4. Made it to the gym two days in a row... Let's hope I stick to it.
5. I am addicted to the Olympics!!!!
6. I have insomnia.....
7. I'm happy tomorrow is Friday. I am over this week.
8. As of Monday I will be the parent of a 5th grader... Weird.
9. I have way to much to do at work tomorrow and I am dreading it... Probably has something to do with me not being able to sleep.
10. Loving the Boobs challenge and all the support and constant reminders to keep plugging along.


  1. I too am addicted to the olympics!!!

  2. Have fun at the AZ meet-up in a few weeks! :)

  3. I'm so excited to meet everyone! I was telling Amy that we need a cute nickname...something feisty!

  4. I know I am jacked to meet up with y'all!!!

  5. OMG, I hate that i'm thirty....ONE! It just blows. Like, 30 was so much better. I don't know why, but it was.

    I'm loving the Challenge too! And yes, we can totally be accountability buddies, i've been meaning to email you, but have been busy! I'll try to get to it today or this weekend!

  6. I'll be watching dear accountability partner! :)

  7. I want to meet bloggers in real life!! Jealous!! I haven't been able to watch the Olympics!