Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I gained....

and I don't really have an explanation for it....

I worked out 5 of 7 days.
I ate under 1500 cals - every day.
I drank a crap ton of water.
I watched my sodium.

I am confused....  I am really upset.


I am going to focus on....

*My energy level is a lot higher
*My mood is better and more stable
*I am sleeping better
*My work clothes are fitting better (another reason I thought for sure there was a good loss)
*3 people at work have asked if I lost more weight

Have a great one ladies :)


  1. YES - focus on that stuff - and next week you'll have a big loss for sure! You're doing all the right things.

  2. ^^^^^^ Ditto!!! There is nothing magic about the seven day weigh in. Sometimes the drop comes day 10 or day 14. Don't give up!

    I love your re-focus. Don't let that stupid scale rob the pride you should be feeling for all of those accomplishments - excellent job identifying them!!

  3. It is very likely that you are building muscle, which weighs more (sure you know this). Also, muscle mass requires more H2O. I know the challenge is measured in weight lost but if your clothes are fitting better YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS. Are you taking measurements? Even though the scale isn't moving you ARE changing the shape of your body.

  4. That dang scale can so derail us if we do not stay focused. You are doing all the right things stay the course, I am certain you will see the decline just don't quit!!!

    I experience this on a regular basis and it is maddening.

  5. Focus on the good stuff! I bet you are building muscle and that is why the scale is being a punk.

  6. I like that you're not letting the weigh in get to you. I swear it's the heat, coupled with the heat. I've gained the last 2 weeks despite stepping up my efforts. Also..are your muscles sore? If so, you're probably retaining a bit more water. :)

  7. yes, keep it up and next week you will see a difference!

  8. I love this positivity. You REALLY have to focus on how you feel vs. what the scale. That flat chested bitch lies, I swear it!

  9. Sometimes I have to admit I just want to kick my scale :)

  10. ugh, I hate it when that happens! it's so unfair