Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why I am not losing like I should……

I feel the need to write this down so that I can see it in black and white.  

(1)    Not following the bandster rules for eating.  I am eating too fast and too much.
(2)    Not getting enough protein.
(3)    Not exercising.
(4)    Lack of water.
(5)    SLIDER FOODS!!!!
(6)    Allowing myself things I know I should not have – diet soda.  While that itself may not be horrible, it is the fact that I had rock hard will power and now I am slipping.

These are in no order and out there now…..  Let’s get back on track now!


  1. Good job recognizing bad choices and getting back on track!

  2. You have to face them to change them!!!!!

    Glad you have recognized all of the bad choices!

    You CAN do this!!