Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap and some pics!

One of my good friends came in from Boston to baptize her baby girl Lily.  Here is Mya and I.....

Us with baby Lily - she was totally done with pics then.....
My adorable lunch date!!!! <3

I actually went out Saturday night!  I got invited out by one of the moms on Mya's team.... totally self conscious because they are all skinny and hot.  I almost didn't go because of how bad I was feeling about myself...  but glad I did.  Had tons of fun!  Not really used to drinking anymore though :)


  1. You look awesome in that outfit! Do not feel self conscious! Embrace the work that you have done to date! Remember this is not a race, and I think you look fantastic!

  2. You look great!

    My entire life I've felt like the "fat friend", even when I wasn't that fat. My best friend has always been stick skinny and since 2nd grade, I had always compared myself with her. I wish I could go back in time, especially to my teenage self, and say to me "Not everyone is a size 2. You look great!"

  3. You definitely look adorable. That shirt is awesomeness!!

  4. You look great! And Mya is so cute!