Friday, October 28, 2011


It’s Friday and time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! A couple of questions we answer to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break. Copy to your own blog and enjoy!

1. When did you begin blogging? Do you plan to do it a long time or do you think you’ll stop after a while?

June, 2011…..  I think I plan to do it for a while, It keeps me accountable and there is a great support system.

2.  What do you enjoy more - blogging yourself or reading other’s blogs?

Definitely reading….  I like blogging but I always worry that I won’t say anything worth reading.

3.  What’s the biggest thing blogging has taught you? Biggest surprise about blogging?

That there is an entire support group out there and there are people in the same place that you are who can relate.

4.  Have you met any other bloggers in real life – solely because of your blog or theirs?

Nope – but I hope too!

5.  Does your blog have a general theme as in one topic or do you cover everything and anything?

The theme is weight loss but I throw other things in there too.

6.  Are you public or anonymous? Whichever you are – do you ever wish you were the other?

Public…… Sometimes I wish I was anno. but I am good with being public.  I feel like I can share my life….

7.  What’s your best blogging advice for a new blogger?

Just be yourself…… Do your own thing and don’t compare yourself to other bloggers….  You are blogging for you.   

8.  Does anyone in your real life read your blog/know it’s address? Do you wish they would or wouldn’t?

I have two friends that follow me.  My husband knows but doesn’t read it.  I don’t really want anyone in my real life following my blog…  It is like a diary and I like being able to separate this section of my life.  Plus, I don’t think that I would vent as freely or get as personal.

9.  Do you enjoy blogging or do you view it as a chore? How often do you blog?

I enjoy it.  Maybe twice a week – I am trying to do more.

10.  Do you tell people in your real life that you blog? Or keep it a secret?

It is a secret….


  1. I agree, it is like a diary. I'm keeping it secret from here on out!

  2. We need to meet dear since you are just over on the other side of the Valley!

  3. Bya the way I nominated you for an award. Checkout my blog post for details.